About Lavender Blue

Hello! My name is Lynda. Growing up, I spent a lot of time on the family dairy farm, where I developed a love of animals and nature. I am inspired by finding and incorporating vintage and farmhouse-style components in to my work. I am always on the look-out for unique vintage finds to help raise your event experience to the next level!

I have been working with flowers for almost half of my life, along with being a mom and a nurse. I've worked in flower shops, wedding studios, greenhouses, and landscape companies. Sometimes I would have to work extra hours at the hospital to "afford" getting to learn more about flowers! To finally take all that I have learned and experienced both in life and in my floral work, is a true dream come true.  

With certifications as both a Master Florist and Master Gardener, I try to apply all of the floral education and experience I have to make sure that your "flowering" needs are met with the greatest degree of satisfaction possible! I continuously attend conferences and workshops to perfect and improve my techniques and discover the latest trends. Working with my clients, whether on a special birthday arrangement for a friend, a sympathy piece for a loved one, or a bespoke wedding bouquet for the bride, I create and bring my best work to you! 

I like to say, "art is nature, and nature is art."

As a florist, flowers are my art medium. I turn flowers into a work of art that accentuates a special time in your life. Making that happen does not have to be a complicated, stressful endeavor. When you hire my company for your event, there are a few things you can expect: We work hard to source the highest quality flowers for the season of your event and arrange them with great care, using the education and experience that we pride ourselves on. We promise a kind, professional attitude from myself and everyone on my team- from inquiry to delivery!

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