Nature brings me joy, and Iowa farms are my true "happy place!".

Nature brings me joy, and Iowa farms are my true "happy place!".

about me.....

I like to say, "art is nature, and nature is art."


     As a florist, flowers are my medium. I turn flowers into a work of art that accentuates a special time in your life. Making that happen, whether for a birthday party or a big wedding, does not have to be a complicated, stressful endeavor. Simply, I want to get to know YOU! As we build a relationship, we will share ideas, and then turn your ideas into reality. 

    I have been working with flowers for almost half of my life, along with being a mom and a nurse. I've worked in flower shops, wedding studios, greenhouses, and with landscape companies. Sometimes I would have to work extra hours at the hospital to "afford" getting to learn more about flowers! To finally take all that I have learned and experienced both in life and in my floral work, is a true dream come true.  

   Growing up, I spent a lot of time on the family dairy farm, where I developed a love of animals and nature. I am inspired by finding and incorporating vintage and farmhouse-style components in to my work.

   Flowers mark the special moments in our lives. Being a part of those moments is a true blessing.

   With certifications as both a Master Florist and Master Gardener, I try to apply all of the floral education and experience I have to make sure that your "flowering" needs are met with the greatest degree of satisfaction possible! Working with my clients, whether on a special birthday arrangement for a friend, a sympathy piece for a loved one, or a bespoke wedding bouquet for the bride, I will create and bring my best work to you! 



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