Winter Wedding Photo Session in Iowa

Winter Wedding Photo Session in Iowa

What better way to beat the winter blues than to dress up in a lovely black tulle dress, bake a cake, and carry a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!? Well, that is what we got to do! Lavender Blue Floral teamed up with local Des Moines photographers Samantha and Yeisha for a shoot with “Little Black Riding Hood.” Fun fact: model was our very own Whitney, of Little Blackbird Bakery!

This cake was too pretty. Whitney specializes in naked cakes (all the rage on Pinterest and in real life!) and Tara Wignall supplied her artistic hand at makeup. The sun was just about to set, casting gorgeous pale hues of gold across the grey snow. Enjoy this sweet winter shoot!

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The beautiful black tulle dress, with a grey underlay, was a perfect texture again the smooth, fresh snow in the trees of Jester Park, in Iowa. The flowers were a mixture of purples, reds and pinks. Mums is a pink-lavender shade play alongside pale lavender of thistle buds The greenery added lots of movement and added to the mysterious woodland look of our photos.

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Whitney is well- known and celebrated by many of the local Des Moines wedding vendors, and any couple who books her for their wedding cake is beyond thrilled! Not only are they beautiful to look at, but we can tell you from first - hand experience that they are Delicious! Little Blackbird Bakery serves up the best of the best when it comes to thinking about the confections for your wedding or event!


The smooth, soothing texture of the black faux-fur jacket was not only an added accent to the photos, but Necessary in the cold, chilling wind of an Iowa winter evening near the lake! Whitney was such a trooper to walk all over the frozen forest with must a thin top to her dress. The photographers tried to warm her between shots, with hand-warmers and gloves!

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Whitney of Little Blackbird Bakery and photographer Samantha Owensen- you really are so fun to work with and made my flowers shine- even on a dreary winter day in Iowa! If you want to talk more with us about these and other amazing wedding vendors in the central Iowa area, just reach out with an email and we would love to tell you more!

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