Boho Romance in Iowa | Iowa Wedding photography | Styled Wedding photos

Boho romance was created by the light of the Fall moon at Lavender Blue Floral. With the help of vintage finds from Drift Salvage in Des Moines, the scene was set with a beautiful model, Ashley Swensen, and the magic was fueled by the crisp air!

All of the textures found in an eclectic bohemian style were included: wicker plant stands, soft vintage rugs, warm candle light, and a velvet chair.

The unique florals, by Lavender Blue Floral, a Des Moines wedding florist, were done in a palette of blush, dark red and pinks. Prairie grasses, collected locally, swayed softly in the wind and stems of wheat added extra texture. Drift Salvage helped collect the tall grasses used in the wicker stand. We walked for what seemed like miles to find a particular clump of grass that they’d noticed while driving down the highway! We walked and walked through the woods along the highway to find the “special grass”. We had just about given up and finally discovered it-behind a barbed-wire fence! That didn’t scare away two very determined minds. We had this particular texture in mind, and we were not giving up!

The boho look is a specialty of Lavender Blue Floral. Lynda’s own collection of funky vintage finds, and some newer pieces, created a blend of ‘old meets new’. Combining retro and modern pieces can make each bride’s wedding day unique, while still personal to her.

We had a special unexpected guest in ‘Charlie’, the dog at our photo session. She was strolling down the nearby path, led by a neighbor friend who had recently lost his dog, and we couldn’t resist asking is she would join us! She was very well behaved and fit right in with the look we were going for. Bringing pets into the wedding day is a wonderful idea. They should be included whenever possible. Lavender Blue even creates special flower collars and crowns for your furry loved-ones!

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